How to have a firm erection?

How to maintain longer erections?
January 20, 2020
How to get a bigger erection
How to get a bigger erection?
February 21, 2020

How to have a firm erection?

how to have to have a firm erection

how to have to have a firm erection

It is no secret that erections can be more or less powerful, and this can be due to different factors that affect the erection, both psychological and physical, but all this leads us to a question: How to have a firm erection?
This question is usually quite common to be true since this has happened to more than one man, that is why today we will be offering you the most common causes for which a man can have erection failure, and of course the solution to all these problems.

What are the causes of erection failure?

For an erection to occur, nerves, hormones, brain and blood vessels have to work simultaneously, if something doesn’t work it can cause an erection problem.

Erection failure occurs when a man cannot achieve and maintain a firm enough penis for sexual intercourse. The causes of erection failure usually are physical and may include the following: Sickness

When men have diabetes, thyroid problems, heart problems, high blood pressure, clogged arteries, atherosclerosis, nervous system disorders such as Parkinson’s disease or multiple sclerosis, depression.

Medication consumption:
When men take blood pressure medications, especially beta-blockers, antidepressants, heart medications such as digoxin, peptic ulcer medications or sleep medications

Physical causes:
When testosterone levels are low, the sex drive decreases and it becomes difficult to have a firm erection. Also, the use of tobacco, drugs or alcohol damages some nerves, and also due to prostate surgery, spinal cord injury.

Emotional problems
Emotional problems sometimes cause erectile dysfunction, among them: feelings of failure or doubt, poor communication with the partner, fear, anger, stress, anxiety.

These problems affect men of any age.

How to prevent erectile dysfunction?

Erection failure affects many men, but it is a problem that has a solution and can also be prevented. To do this from a young age, one must lead a healthy life, the ways to prevent erection failure are the following:
Avoid abuse of alcoholic beverages, as this does not allow the penis to have the rigidity required for sexual intercourse. When suffering from alcoholism, erectile diffusion can occur permanently.
Do not smoke, as smoking hinders blood circulation, which causes the penis to receive a lower risk.

Control your weight, because of obesity and overweight cause metabolic disorders that lead to diseases related to erectile dysfunction.

Exercise decreases the chances of suffering from cardiovascular disease and lowers cholesterol. This helps with blood circulation and this, in turn, avoids the possibility of having erection problems.

To help with erection problems there is StaminaFit, a natural product based pill that when taken regularly will allow you to have a firm erection.

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