How to get a bigger erection?

how to have to have a firm erection
How to have a firm erection?
February 21, 2020
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Food for a good erection.
April 14, 2020

How to get a bigger erection?

How to get a bigger erection

How to get a bigger erection

The erection can have a greater or lesser degree, this will depend on the size achieved, the hardness of it and even the amount of time this erection can last, this being a big problem for many men, but how to have a bigger erection?

This question is asked by all men who suffer from this problem, which is why today, we will be giving you the answer to this question and many more that surely are of your interest, and that will help you get that erection you want so much.

What can you do to get an erection?

There are many methods that men can use to get an erection, among them, are the following:

Practicing Kegel exercises
The practice of Kegel exercises helps to strengthen the muscles with which the erection is controlled, but for this, it is necessary to have constancy and to practice them in a periodic way, but the results are going to depend on the age and the health that the man has.

These exercises can be done when you go to urinate. They consist of holding on as long as you can and when you are urinating you are tightening the muscles of the anus. This cuts off urination and gradually strengthens the muscles.

This is a very good exercise to get a bigger erection, because it tones the muscles and manages to dominate the body, for best results it is advisable to combine this practice with physical exercises for at least an hour a day.
It is also advisable to combine these exercises with a good diet, which includes foods containing testosterone, as this helps to have a stronger and firmer erection.

Exercises and good nutrition should be accompanied by caresses, games, new postures, and it is also necessary to concentrate and leave aside worries, all this will help to have a greater erection.

Another way to have a greater erection

There are also scientific methods on the market to help you get a bigger erection, including this StaminaFit, an all-natural herbal product that stimulates the male reproductive system.

Recommendations for getting an erection

It is advisable to consume foods that are rich in protein and to lower prolactin levels.
It is recommended to consume smoothies with some fruits and vegetables that provide energy, which will help to have a better performance.
Avoid being promiscuous, as it causes sexual pressure, distress, and stress, which can lead to not having a greater erection.
It is advisable to reduce the consumption of alcohol and tobacco. This is because they relax the body too much and do not allow you to have a greater erection.
If a low impact physical activity is recommended, cardiovascular exercise should be done daily for at least one hour.
Try not to let the problems interfere in your life since this can diminish sexual desire and not allow for a greater erection. Therefore, you should do activities that help reduce stress levels.

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